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Beste mede amateur,

Dear fellow amateur,
In deze mail staat een link waarop het eenendertigste DKARS-Magazine is te downloaden.

This mail contains a link which the 31th- DKARS-Magazine is available for download.
De Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society is een stichting die de belangen wenst te behartigen van ALLE radioamateurs binnen het gehele Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

The Kingdom Dutch Amateur Radio Society is an organization that seeks to represent the interests of ALL radio amateurs throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

De DKARS doet niet aan copyright en het staat een ieder vrij om deze link aan zoveel mogelijk radiovrienden door te sturen. 
The DKARS does not copyrighted and any person shall be free to forward this link to as many radio friends.

DKARS Magazine verschijnt 1x per maand en wij stellen het uiteraard op prijs als je ook (radio amateur gerelateerde) bijdrages wilt leveren. 
DKARS Magazine appears 1x per month and we obviously appreciate it if you (related radio amateur) to provide contributions.
Namens de Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society wens ik je veel leesplezier nadat je op deze link hebt geklikt:

On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society, I wish you pleasant reading after you click on this link:

Wil je in plaats van een PDF te downloaden het Magazine on-line doorbladeren? 
Dat kan ook, ga dan naar deze link:

Want to download the magazine browsing on-line instead of a PDF? This can also go to this link:

73 namens de DKARS 
Peter de Graaf 
Secretaris DKARS

                                                        At your remembrance

CQMM DX module can be found at the N1MMLogger plus website at:

An so called CallHistory file is an up to date CWJF Memberlist for use in N1MMLogger plus by Editor pa3clq and can be found at:


Kubla Khan poem sent by semi-automatic key (bug) by N1EA

I heard someone with a beautiful fist sending "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge so I wanted to do a version with a bug.

    I tried to get my video recorder to record my wrist because many of the newer operators who operate paddles with their fingers weren't introduced to the wrist motions that older operators were taught.

    I only caught the wrist motion a few times and the video is blurry, but I had little control over the recording as I was sending and a friend was recording.

AF2Z sends this poem on his Junker here:

73, David



I've been playing with this thing the last few days.

I seems to be working OK. I can set the contact spacing real close so it take very little effort to key it....

After considering how I wanted to build this, I remembered I had a couple of T-bar drawer pulls left from a household upgrade.

Since I don't own a milling machine, the T-bars saved me a lot of elbow grease.

It was a fun project and give me a sideswiper to play with.

See you on the air

73 Jerry N0JRN


Resonant Speaker follow-up

I am delighted with the performance of the speaker.

However, I noted that it is rather unstable -- wanting to tip over or move at the slightest touch.

I decided to add a weighted base.

I got an extension and glued a knock-out plug.

I then lined it with duct seal (you can use clay).

Then I filled it half-way with BBs and then added another layer of duct seal.

 I then mounted the speaker's bottom into the extension. It is very stable now.

Andy, k2oo


Andy es all; I too had a problem with the speaker being bottom light/top heavy.

I picked up a bushing that the 45 street pushes into then I used a cd on the base.
I have a 700hz cf transducer, and found the 45° elbow to be perfectly (approximately 710hz) resonant. I'll try to upload pic.
73 all Dean K2WW


Skimmer version 4.0b5 (beta 5) has been released

SKCC Skimmer version 4.0b5 (beta 5) has been released.

It fixes a problem where K3Y appears as the callsign of the actual operator in your ADI file.

This version skips over these QSO entries.

The Skimmer is expecting to find the actual SKCC callsign of the operator in the callsign field, and then the K3Y designator in the comment field.

You can download the new version here:

73, Mark K7MJG SKCC Group


[slowspeedwire] WU Tubes

SHORPY photo .... Question: I thought they would just go to various op positions within the large office.

The caption says they connect to other offices in the city. 
Who might know for sure? 
73 , Skip Luke

Hi Skip, I don't see the link to the Shorpy photo.

That said, it is my understanding that yes the pneumatic tubes went around the cities, I've at least read that New York and Chicago had them as well as London and Paris.

I do not know how extensive they were.

    Remember in large cities 100 years ago and more local transportation was still pretty much horse drawn and it could take quite a lot of time to transverse the city.

So there was a lot of intra-city communications needed and the tubes provided this.

I've read that if you sent an intra-city telegram that sometimes the recipient would actually get the original you had written on because it had been sent entirely by the tube system.

 I've also read that in large cities there would frequently be a telegraph office every 5 blocks or so.

Even if you had a messenger called to your office (he would come from the nearby telegraph office) he would take your document and it would be sent by tube to the main office and then as it was a local telegram it would be sent out to the office nearest your designated destination by tube and then a messenger would carry it to its final destination.

This could all easily happen within an hour.

Almost the same thing was true if you sent a long distance telegram to another large city.

The messenger would pick it up and take it to his local office where it would be sent by tube to the main office in that city.

The routing clerk would then transfer it to an outbound wire to the destination city where it would be received by a telegrapher and the routing clerk there would then have it sent out the tube system to the nearest office to the destination where, again a messenger would carry it to its destination.

If the message required a quick response and the messenger waited for it, the response would take a similar return path and the response could easily be in the hands of the original sender within a couple of hours from when he had sent the original request.

    Remember, William Orton who was president of W.U. from 1867 to 1878 when he passed away, once said that the success of the telegraph service was not that it was faster than the mails but that it actually "annihilated time".

The tubes aided in that effort.

The volume of traffic just within large cities would have overwhelmed even the largest staff of telegraph operators.

73, Chris Hausler SlowSpeedWireGroup


Chris: That was interesting as we didn’t have pneumatic tubes other than inside telegraph offices here in Western Canada.

We had them in Saskatoon and Vancouver as the telegraphers in both cases were on the 2nd floor and telegrams were taken and sent out from the first floor, with access to the street.

Lavina Shaw


June 1943. Washington, D.C. "Miss Helen Ringwald, employee at the Western Union telegraph office, works with the pneumatic tubes through which messages are sent to branches in other parts of the city for delivery." Medium format nitrate negative by Esther Bubley for the Office of War Information.

Skip SlowSpeedWireGroup


New ICOM product announcement in Japan at:

Bob Irish K5zol


Off Air / A dramatic experience 28-03-17

Yesterday I was attacked by two drug neighbors on my front lawn and called police.

One threatened to have me shot.

One minute after police left the other drug neighbor scaled fence at back and cut down and shredded all my antennaes so i've none left.

Called police back they took photographs and a statement questioned neighbors but can't do anything other than file as in spite of previous threats to cut down my antennas he needed to be caught in the act.

Neighbors openly laughing and taunting as they know police can do nothing and they're experienced criminals.

Live on my own, almost deaf, theure much younger and are local ice meth drug gang.

Any legal action would take a year and be fruitlless without video evidence.

Police took full 3 minutes to answer 000.

Will likely be off air several months have personal safety to worry as live alone and not the strongest.


An update...01-04-17

I live in a house rented from the Government of South Australia.

I lived there peacefully since 3 years.

6 months ago the Government's "Housing SA" moved in drug user/dealers either side of me.

One of them has a cheap Chinese touch lamp that blinks when CW is sent, so instead of addressing the issue, he sneaked onto my property and cut my coaxial cables.

When this was reported to the Police, I was at first repeatedly verbally abused over several weeks and then a few days ago I was physically attacked on my front lawn while working on building a vertical antenna, fortunately I grabbed a sharp implement that was luckily at hand and could prevent myself landing in hospital.

Had it gone wrong I could have ended in prison.

I again immediately called the Police, who quickly arrived and took statements.

One minute after they departed, I saw one of the thugs cut the front end of my doublet, then he scaled my back fence and all 5 of my dipole antennas that you see at:

were cut down, some were cut into small lengths of wire, and draped over my clothes line while I was at the front of my property waiting for the Police to return. 
On Police departing again after re-attending to take photographs of the damage and take another statement from me, one of the thugs shouted to me that he will have me shot.

Being as this person is at the centre of local drug dealing activities this is not a threat to be laughed off.
I'm 54, with serious health issues which I have made significant progress towards recovery, and it is essential for me to avoid stress in my recovery.

Housing SA said I should return to my house because the attack on my days earlier, which caused me to be unable to sleep, and rendered staying at my unsecured home a suicidal option, did not result in any physical injury to me!

Fortunately the Police disagreed and could not guarantee 100% that the drug dealers all of whom have ganged up against me in the neighbourhood, would NOT carry out this threat.

Additionally it has become obvious that if I rebuild my antennas which takes many days of work and additional manpower, they will just be cut down again within minutes by brazen criminals who have no regard for the law.

Housing SA after putting me in safe accommodation for ONE NIGHT so I could catch up on sleep, said I should return home and that if I am attacked again the neighbours have been warned that their tenancy would be AT RISK.

At risk! I kid you not, I have it in black and white.

A police officer who deals with Housing SA on a regular basis advised me to go back to their office and insist on talking to manager, asking who will be responsible for my safety, and that they are responsible as these are their tenants, and that the Police consider I am at risk as to the medical profession and lawyers have advised that what I experienced were multiple assaults, and that I have a right to be safe and cannot be safe in that situation since the Police are unable to respond instantly to a life-death threat, let alone prevent one.

They then agreed to put me again in safe accommodation until Monday.

I urge any of you who feel that the landlords, the Govt of South Australia's "Housing SA", who have merely informed the aggressors that they are "at risk" of losing their tenancy, while urging me to "return home" even though without chance of exercising my rights not only to quality of life and safety, but to carry out my one hobby and pass time -- Amateur Radio -- which is now impossible, are behaving unacceptably toward me and should right this wrong by:

1. Keeping me in safe short term accommodation until such time as APPROPRIATE long term accommodation is found (sufficient space for antennas as was the case before)
2. Finding me alternative longer term accommodation where I can erect antennas as is my right by law and virtue of my radio license (as was the case at my existing home)
3. Accommodation that meets my health and social inclusion needs i.e. where I can conduct Amateur Radio and CWB activities in peace and safety again with room for antennas
to write to:

with Subject Header:

Lou VK5EEE Tenant Ref 11718181

to voice your indignation, concerns and that my safety and rights be accorded the due respect and diligence required of any government toward its citizens.

Please feel free to BCC any correspondence to me for my information as well as send CC to the following addresses:

Don't forget to put in the TO box:

Please also make mention of my work as Founder and Coordinator of the Disaster Communications Network "Communicators Without Borders" that conducts regular training exercises for back up communications in the event of disaster and that this and other work of Lou in the field of Morse Code is renowned internationally as well as across Australia.

Put this in your OWN WORDS and according to your OWN EXPERIENCE OR KNOWLEDGE, please DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from this Email. 
I neared the end of my tether several times these past days and it seems that the Housing Departments needs a firm reminder of its responsibilities toward its vulnerable tenants.

I reached such fatigue that I could not safely drive a car, and in the end could no longer speak nor think after over 2 days of sleep deprivation.
If you can make any donations please also do so as my living expenses are currently beyond means as I can no longer cheaply cook food but have to buy take away in the interim but please do so only if you can afford as I know many of us are retired and going through hard times.

The most important thing you can do is to Email the above addresses regarding these issues.

It is unacceptable in those circumstances for me to be asked to stay in that house after those events, which have shown a brazen contempt for the Police, who by the way, have been very helpful and conducted themselves well, they have done as much as they can, it is now up to the Housing SA to honour their own responsibilities.

It is important to send off these emails as soon as possible, because Monday I may be again without safe accommodation, and on Monday may be a first meeting to discuss options and the way forward.

My XYL has made it also very clear to me that I am not to remain under any risk at that property, so long as Police cannot 100% guarantee my safety while living alone.

Thank you for reading this far, and especially for taking action to voice your concerns.

Please also include that you would like to be kept abreast of any developments and will be keeping a close watch on the situation.
(RRI recipients, PLEASE QSP to your RRI member Email Lists and also reference the QNI Newsletter edition mentioning the launch of cooperation between RRI and CWB)
Those of you who have or have held VIP positions, military, or any other official or legal capacities, please state or reference such in the signature of your Email to the above, so that it can be seen that people of all walks of life are concerned.

I think the international publicity this is already generating and the appalling initial responses by local authorities, will have a positive effect.
Please DO NOT post this on Facebook or any other public pages, send only to close friends of yours, since I'm sending this only to those who would know me from QSO or activities.
Donation tab:

73 es 77 de VK5EEE Lou.


73, from the town at the rivers "De Bergsche Maas" and "De Dongen" Geertruidenberg (800+ years city rights) at: 51.702211N 4.853854E

Your Editor Jan Pieter Oelp PA3CLQ



My simple website about Gigantic DF-Antennas

Part 1 "DF-Antenna Wullenweber Array"

Part 2 "DF-Antenna USSR Variants"

Part 3 "DF-Antenna USA Variant"

Next Part 4 "USSR OTHRA DUGA 1,2 & 3" at: