Dear mates!

   We propose to discuss the format of the future of the club tournaments. As shown by the results of the spring tournament, format for convenient not all hams.
   We ask all potential participants of future tournaments to give their comments and suggestions on this issue. All of them will be systematized and will choose an optimum variant. Your suggestions please send to Serge UX2IJ on his e-mail: ux2ij@mail.ru.
   UX2IJ variant see below.
   I suggest the summer-autumn tournament to be held in the following format:
   Carry the open tournament, to invite to participate radioamateurs, who are not members of the club.
   Carry tournament as two tours of 2 hours, which will be held for one Sunday. The first tour in the ranges on 20, 15 and 10 meters with 04.00 to 05.59 UT, the second - on 80, 40 and 20 m from 18.00 to 19.59 UT.
   Each tour is divide into 4 rounds for 30 minutes. Repeated QSO on one band is allowed to be carried out in different rounds. Within one round allowed to repeat QSO on different bands.
   Сontrol numbers: members CQCW transmit RST and membership number, not club members - RST and two-letter designation of sector QTH-locator.
   The total call: CQ CQCW de…
   Scoring system does not propose to change, but enter a multiplier: 1 point for multiplier for each new callsign.
   Start time and end of the tours indicated for the summer tournament , depending on the season time will vary according to the actual passage of radio waves on the bands.

Administration of CQCW Club E-mail: ux2ij@mail.ru SERGE